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How To Get Started Making $65 Per Windshield Repaired!

Here’s what you get with the Trinsic Glass Program:

Our Daytona Windshield Repair Systems are built around the Daytona Bridge Assembly, which is the most advanced, effective, and efficient in the industry. With the Daytona System, the independent dual-cycle injector design delivers the very best probability of a perfect repair behind the most efficient and intuitive process.

  • Windshield Repair Kit price ---> $795
  • Cost to enroll and set up insurance processing ----> $500
  • In depth windshield repair training content ---> $500
  • 9 Business building training modules ---> $750
  • All business agreements and legal documents ----> $350
  • Online software tools and app's ---> $500
  • 1 year support $99/month ---> $1,200/year

OUR PRICE: $2,500

Name Qty Model
Daytona Case w/Foam 1 Injector GM604_1
Daytona Bridge Assembly, Complete w/ Seals/Lube 1 GM640
Daytona Universal Base Seals 10 GM695_2_10
Daytona Injector Lower Seals 10 GM696_10
Daytona Injector Upper Seals 10 GM697_10
Universal Lubricant 1 oz GM260
Pro Line Resin 1 oz GM500
Pro Line 2 Resin 1 oz GM510
Pit Fill Resin 0.5 oz GM501
Pit Polish 1 oz GM245
Polishing Cork 1 GM152
Rechargable Windshield Drill 1 GM145
Name Qty Model
Drill Collet 1 GM150
Carbide Drill Bits, Tapered 10 GM156_10
UV Sunshade 1 GM633_9
Daytona Curing Lamp, 12v 1 GM633_9
Curing Film Tabs Pkg of 25 GM230
Razor Blades Box of 100 GM175
Spot Mirror 1 GM200
Carbide Glass Pick 1 GM160
Star and Crack Maker 1 GM250
Daytona Injector Brush Cleaner 1 GM121
Safety Glasses 1 GM189
Gloves Box of 100 GM199
Daytona Quick Start Guide 1 GM805

you'll receive exclusive access to a huge library of training materials & software.

Access to a full-featured mobile software solution tailored specifically for mobile windshield repair. Create a work order, get approval, validate vehicle information via VIN decoder, obtain the customer's signature, and EDI an invoice from the field. It eliminates the need for back-room office staff by allowing you to go paperless.

Our Guarantee

Successfully complete and process 45 insurance windshield repairs. If you do not make at least $2,000 Trinsic will pay the difference!

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